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Bring your kites on the coolest live aboard catamaran in the Philippines! We'll bring you to go the most pristine and isolated islands offering both flat water offshore winds , and onshore rolling waves. Ride in comfort, safety and style!
Kitesurf conditions

Intermediate, Advanced

Wind: Moderate

Spot: Shallow, Flat, Small waves

Gear rental

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Rescue service

Walking distance to spot

The weather in the Philippines is divided into two seasons. During the summer months, June to October, the Southwest monsoon, called Habigat, brings generally wet and overcast weather with a few typhoons to the Philippines. The winter months, November to mid-April, is the Northeast monsoon called Amihan. This brings generally dry, consistent wind and blue skies to the Philippines and is the preferred season for kitesurfing. Air and sea temperature throughout the winter months is perfectly warm, there is certainly no need for a wetsuit. Enjoy butter flat water with offshore winds as well as left and right wave kickers.

Trip characteristics

Accommodation: Boat

Suitable for: Solo traveler, Group, Family, Non-rider


Ambience: Wilderness, Relaxed

Experience Type: Collective

Food: Full board

The Destination

Weekly trips go to either Seco, Libagao & Nagubat, Manomoc, Cuyo, or a combination though the location will change based on weather forecast, wind condition and preference of our guests.

The Experience

Join us and find out why "It's more fun in the Philippines." With a combination of sea, sailing, kitesurfing and exploring this cruise through the Philippines are full of adventure. The four day cruise will visit Seco Island or Libagao Island, the longer cruise options make it possible to visit other places such as Palawan, Cuyo or several destinations in one trip. The cruise will provide the perfect mix of adventure and relaxation. All meals are prepared fresh and packed with the nutrients you need to stay active. Go snorkelling or diving to explore the marine life, take a stand up paddle board, go for a swim or chill out on deck, there is something on board for everyone!

The Yacht (Siriya) has been equipped with a state of the art indoor and outdoor sound system that customers can plug their iPod devices directly into to provide the soundtrack to your kitesafari. An equally impressive lighting system will create the mood for every occasion. On our onboard videos on our 24 inch widescreen TV and media center, customers can review the day’s photographs and videos, or simply kickback and view the latest movie or TV Show, or Len10/Hadlow production, from our extensive onboard selection.


You have to be an independent Kiteboarder, Level 3 or equivalent as the kite locations we go to are off-shore winds, so you must be able to go upwind reliably. But in case the wind goes light, or you have an issue with your kite, we have of course rescue dingy to bring you back to shore. As a result of the offshore wind, there is butter flat water as well as spots with right and left side wave kickers. We visit spots with much stronger and reliable wind than Boracay.


We take food seriously! Your breakfast, lunch & dinner is carefully planned to meet the needs of healthy active Kitesurfers. Every meal is freshly prepared and served buffet style. You will eat lots of fruit, vegetables and as often as possible we buy fresh fish from passing fishermen. Our galley will amaze you by the quality and variety of foods prepared at sea! And we are also happy to cater to any special requests.

These are some of the mouthwatering meals you can expect;


  • Fruit salad with yogurt
  • Coconut Porridge with mango
  • Pancakes, maple syrup and Nutella
  • Salmon scrambled eggs and toast
  • A full fry up ! (Eggs, bacon,beans, fried tomatoes & toast)
  • Brewed Coffee, Tea, & Juice


  • Pasta Salads
  • Tuna & sweetcorn salad
  • Hummus & Eggplant dip
  • Potato & Egg salad
  • Burritos wraps
  • Kilawin/Ceviche (fish cooked in lime)
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Cheese Platter & tomato salad served with your choice of cold soft drinks, wine and beers!!


  • Lasagna, salad & garlic bread
  • Fresh Tuna Steaks
  • Roast Beef & baked potatoes with salad
  • Thai Green Curry
  • Baked sausages & mash potatoes
  • Chicken adobo
  • Spaghetti bolognese, salad & garlic bread always served with your choice of soft drinks, wine or beers!!

Getting There

1.) Fly to an international airport:

  • Manila International Airport (MNL). Flights from all over the world fly to here.
  • Clark International Airport (CRK). Regional lowcost airlines fly to here.
  • Kalibo International Airport (KLO). Your best option if your flying in from Hong Kong or Taipei, as it just one hour by road to Boracay.

2.) Take a ferry to Boracay

  • If you haven flown to Manila or Clark, get a domestic flight to Caticlan with Cebu Pacific, Zest Air, or Airphil Express.
  • At Caticlan there is a pier that runs very frequent ferries to Boracay. Ferries run during day time only. If you require a night time transfer from Caticlan to Boracay, please contact us.

3.) Get to your hotel, or come directly to us at Station 3 Whitebeach. Get to the concrete pagoda at station 3 and give us a call.

Why us?

  • Living and traveling on-board a luxury catamaran
  • Kitesurfing during low tide
  • Fast Dingy rescue
  • Comfortable beds, private cabins
  • Hot water showers
  • Flushing Toilets
  • 220V Electricity supply
  • Freshly cooked, amazing meals
  • Ice cold beers and drinks
  • A great sound system
  • Lighting for nighttime entertainment
  • Guaranteed great memories.


Will I get Seasick? Generally, no. People don’t get seasick while on Siriya. When sailing a catamaran roles very little compared to normal sail boats or ferry. When we anchor, we are in an area sheltered from waves, so Siriya moves even less. Having said this, if you know you are prone to seasickness, start taking tablets one day before starting your kite safari.

No wind days? Occasionally during the North East monsoon season, (November to mid-April) there can be no wind days. Don’t worry, we still have plenty of toys to play with onboard out luxury catamaran, SUP boards, Snorkeling, Hookah diving (for PADI certified guests) and Kite-slinging!

I am not a Kitesurfer, can I still come? Yes, you’ll still have an amazing time. Explore the islands, chill on the boat, go swimming, snorkeling or paddling. There is always something to do.

4 Day Safari
Day 0

Meet at Whitebeach Station3, Boracay and move onboard. We have dinner on the islands before heading back to yacht ready for an early start.

Day 1

5am: Set sail, arrive Libagao 11am, serve brunch and then transfer to the beach for the first kite session in Libagao

Day 2

Launch kites in Libagao, and go on a 1 hour downwinder session to Nagobat Island. Kite in Nagobat until sunset, and then sail back upwind to Libagao.

Day 3

Kite in Libagao or Nagobat, depending on which you liked more.

Day 4

Kite until lunch time, then return to Boracay by 6pm.

5 Day Safari
Day 0

Meet 6pm, Borcacay

Day 1

Arrive Libagao- 11am

Day 2

Libagao/ Naugbat

Day 3

Seco Island

Day 4

Seco Island

Day 5

Return to Boracay by 6pm

7 day Safari
Day 1

Meet 6am, Borcacay

Day 2

Arrive Libagao 12pm

Day 3

Libagao / Naugbat

Day 4

Seco Island

Day 5

Seco Island

Day 6

Seco Island

Day 7

Return to Boracay by 6pm

Itineraries are not binding and the actual itinerary can be adjusted by the host because of unforeseen circumstances or other reasons!


The 44 foot ‘Siriya’ is a gorgeous charter specification catamaran made in 2001 by Dean Catamarans in South Africa. She has proven her utmost seaworthiness having already circumnavigated the globe. Siriya is fully equipped as a live-aboard for up to 8 kitesurfers and 2 crew. With 4 double cabins, 4 bathrooms, a large central saloon, equally large cockpit and a massive front deck, she is the perfect yacht for running kitesurfing tours around the Philippine seas. Siriya’s 4 double cabins and 4 bathrooms allow you to enjoy your kite safaris in maximum comfort and privacy. Cabins are comfortable, spacious have good air flow and a great view. Bed linen and towels are provided. There are fans above each of the double beds and plenty of storage space. Sleeping arrangements are based on 2 people sharing a room in a double bed or bunk bed. However there are plenty of other sleeping options on the boat, such as the couch in the saloon, cockpit benches, or for those who enjoy a stargazing, we have beanbags, air mattresses and nets on the front of the yacht.

Shared Double Cabin

Shared cabin with private bathroom. Rooms are a shared double bed for couples, or single bunk beds for singles.

Walking distance to spot

Private Charter

Up to 8 guests.

Walking distance to spot



Included services
Food: Full board
Gear storage
Wifi in most locations
40" TV
Full board, incl. drinks
Rescue service
Use of snorkelling gear and SUPs


4 reviews
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21 Jan. 2018

Boat & Facilities The catamaran was great. Cabin was the perfect size, with enough space for 2 people, airconditioning and a fan. Kareem (the skipper) has had the main cabin decked out with a large flat screen TV with video games and some awesome kitesurfing videos. Loud speakers outside set the mood as everyone was waking up and as everyone was getting back on board. There is a kitchen and another main bathroom used by everyone. Cabin Crew Kareem, Mike and Eddie were 50% of the awesomeness of our trip. The crew were very friendly and extremely helpful. They go out of their way to accommodate, even beyond filipino hospitality. Kareem had a drone flying around, capturing some cool footage which made its way into our brilliant trip video. The crew showed great experience during the sailing segments, they definitely knew what they were doing and knew the entire area for what seemed like for decades. Thank you Eddie for taking care of everyone and the constant ferrying back and forth from the beach! Food Breakfast probably best meal of the day. Portions are ok but might fall short satisfying the big eaters. Very tasty and each meal gets better and better. They can cater to food allergies and intolerances. Special thanks to Mike for the incredible meals he prepared. Each meal blew our minds. There was a lot of variety from different cuisines Kite Spots We visited a total of 3 spots. Libagao (the first) was not that great with a lot of gusts. We did a downwinder from there to the neighbouring Nagubat Island, which was extremely choppy though the destination was very rewarding. Flat sand bar so option of both onshore and offshore. The third and final spot gets the cake, best spot we've ever been to. Small sand bar in the middle of nowhere, probably 1km by 500m. You can kite circles around the island to get all kinds of wind configurations. Added bonus seeing marine life! Kiting into the sunset was something out of a movie. Overall great wind (we went end of December) averaging 22-27 knots most of the time, with an odd day out with 12-17 knots. Overall We would do this again! We met some great people and made some new friends! Kareem runs this as his passion project so the whole experience was very warm and custom tailored to us. If you’ve ever considered kiting in the Philippines, don’t bother with anything else other than this.

20 Nov. 2017

Another super trip from a return customer. I consider there to be 5 different kite spots on this trip. At Libagao there is the front area with offshore winds and on the west side is a sheltered lagoon with onshore winds. The 3rd spot is the downwinder to Nagubat island, the 4th spot is the upwind lagoon of Nagubat, and the 5th spot is my favourite which is the sandbar at Nagubat where the wind blows directly offshore. All spots are safe and not rocky, the water is crystal clear. The accommodation on the boat is excellent and I slept well each night. There are cabins to sleep in or the option of sleeping on deck under the stars if you wish. The host Kareem has been coming to these spots for years and knows the right conditions. Often when there is no wind in Boracay, there will be >20 knots at Libagao and Nagubat. Kareem has an excellent crew with the experienced sailor Eddie, and Mike who will provide excellent tasty and healthy meals to ensure you have enough energy to kite all day. Eddie will look after you if you need any rescues by dinghy and will assist with kite setup on the beach. For 2 years in a row when there was no wind in Boracay I had days with over 20 knots on this trip. Highly recommended, a genuine 5 star experience.

29 Dec. 2016

01 Jan. 2017

Excellent trip


From: Kennedy Town
Member since: July 2016
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